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Our Title Sponsor

CMC Partnership is a Change Management Consultancy company based in Monmouth, Wales. This year, they are our Title Sponsor, and over the course of the project, they will be providing us with the main proportion of our funding, as well as invaluable guidance and advice in project management, organisation, and goal-setting. From this project CMC looks to cultivate young talent, and prepare our generation for the future of business.

ABEC 357

ABEC 357 is a company that specialises in making ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearings for industrial applications based in Florida, offering quality services and products at competitive prices. They have provided us with substantial discounts on the bearings for our cars, and so have become our first Silver Sponsor.

T Ward Whitfield & Son

T Ward Whitfield & Son is a Consulting Engineering firm based in Devizes, Wiltshire. They were our first Bronze Sponsor and will be providing us with financial aid.

Interested in becoming a Lunar Sponsor?

Sponsoring an F1 in Schools team can have many benefits for your company, these include:


As part of a sponsorship agreement with Lunar Racing, your company would gain exposure on our website and across a wide range of social media platforms. What's more, we can even promote your company at events and competitions!

Positive, community driven campaign

It's very important for companies to show they're taking an active role in the development of the community. By sponsoring us in the world's largest engineering competition, your company can do just that! 


Preparing the next generation

Projects such as these give young people a chance to gain experience in Project Management, Marketing, Engineering and Technology that can't be found anywhere else. These kinds of skills may create your best future employees!

Sponsorship catered to you

Whether you'd like to be totally involved, or a purely financial sponsor, we can tailor our sponsorship agreement suited to both of our needs.

Title Sponsor
CMC Partnership

Highest Involvement sponsor - This year held by CMC Partnership, the Title Sponsor recieves the greatest return on investment.

Gold Sponsor

Premium sponsorship, Premium Involvement. Our Gold sponsor receives a high level of promotion from Team Lunar.

Silver Sponsor

Silver sponsors receive greater return on investment than Bronze Sponsors in Advertisement and Publicity.

Bronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsors are Lunar's partners that recieve promotion and publicity for their involvement.

GOLD - £1000+

-Second priority placement of company logo on Lunar uniforms, displays and car
-Second priority promotion of company on all of our social media platforms/website
-Access to team progress reports and updates

SILVER - £400+

-Placement of company logo on Lunar uniforms and displays
-Promotion of company on all social media sites / website
-Access to team progress reports and updates

BRONZE - £200+

-Promotion of company on all social media sites / website
-Access to team progress reports and updates