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Our Title Sponsor

CMC Partnership is a Change Management Consultancy company based in Monmouth, Wales. This year, they are our Title Sponsor, and over the course of the project, they will be providing us with the main proportion of our funding, as well as invaluable guidance and advice in project management, organisation, and goal-setting. From this project CMC looks to cultivate young talent, and prepare our generation for the future of business.


ARRK Europe are a manufacturing group with its UK base in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire. They specialise in the production of high precision SLA/SLS prototypes and products, and have offered to help us in the manufacture for some of our components. Our internal wheel support structures are made from laser sintered HST and our wings will be made from laser sintered PA. They have also given us advice and gone above and beyond what we asked of them, and so we believe that all of this amounts to a Gold Sponsorship tier.

ABEC 357

ABEC 357 is a company that specialises in making ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearings for industrial applications based in Florida. They provided us with a substantial discount on the much need bearings for our cars, and as a result, we have ensured that they have seen a fulfilment in their desires for their return on investment as our first Gold Sponsor. Continued social media support and promotional decals on our official race cars as well as ideal placement on our professionally designed uniforms have meant that we have shown our continued support and appreciation for ABEC 357.

FastSigns Gloucester

FastSigns have been a continued supporter of LUNAR Racing for many seasons. They have been very helpful in guiding us
through what makes effective advertising to successfully crafting a professional image. They also managed to put us in contact
with their own suppliers to help us along our journey. For these reasons, although giving us financial aid to fulfil the Bronze tier sponsorship, we saw fit that they should become our first Silver Sponsor. Invaluable social media presence has been part of their return on investment, but also promotion at our own school on public days have meant they have been exposed to the wider community.

KM Reprographics

KM Reprographics are a professional print shop that cater for all needs of business and personal printing use. They have been extremely useful to the team, suggesting ideas for effective printing and strategical marketing advice. They have seen a growing relationship with the team whilst we are supporting a local company who have had little advertisement themselves, but we have ensured that social media presence and website profiles have given them an unprecedented internet community stature. They are also another one of our Silver Sponsors.

L&R Precision

L&R Precision Engineering specialise in high quality tool making, turning and milling using both modern and highly efficient CNC machinery. They have been a huge help in this process, as they have provided us with milled and cut aluminium wheels, ensuring they are as smooth and as light as possible. This will be a great benefit for the team and this is not a cheap process, so are therefore part of our Silver Sponsors.

Universal Uniform

Universal Uniform are a first time sponsor of LUNAR Racing and were recommended to us by another sponsor. They have helped us to create an effective and professional uniform, working closely with LUNAR Racing every step of the way. Whilst this local company were enthusiastic to just supply the uniforms to help young engineers and designers, we offered the appropriate level of advertisement on our social media pages as well as offering prime positioning on our uniforms. They are one of our Silver Sponsors.

T Ward Whitfield & Son

T Ward Whitfield & Son is a Consulting Engineering firm based in Devizes, Wiltshire. They were our first Bronze Sponsor and have provided us with financial aid. They have been more than happy to see a set of young, enthusiastic engineers grow and develop and see this just as rewarding as any social media representation. 


Renishaw is a sponsor which we acquired early in the season, and we have maintained an effective relationship with them throughout the project to ensure that the partnership is beneficial to both parties. We have close connections with Renishaw employees, who provided consultation on our car designs and some aspects of manufacturing, particularly with 3D printing and regulation compliance. We also worked with an apprentice from Renishaw who sat in on several of our meetings and gave us input on multiple aspects of the project, particularly the design element. They have provided financial support for the team too, and so have become a Bronze Sponsor.

AXYZ International

AXYZ International along with CNCRoutershop have provided us with essential parts we need for cutting the car and axle holes. They are both leading manufacturers in CNC routers and parts, and have been a great help in providing us with these parts in time for the competition, and so are part of our Bronze Sponsorship scheme.  

Albany Pumps

Albany Pumps makes a wide range of standard, customised and specialised positive displacement pumps in the UK and have financially sponsored us for the season, becoming Bronze Sponsors.

Bloodhound SSC

LUNAR RACING have worked closely with Bloodhound SSC and they have given us valuable insights in how to improve all aspects of the car and the process, whether it being tips when using Autodesk, to design and manufacturing advice they have massively helped the team get to where we are now, and we are proud to have them as a partner of the team.

Interested in becoming a Lunar Sponsor?

Sponsoring an F1 in Schools team can have many benefits for your company, these include:


As part of a sponsorship agreement with Lunar Racing, your company would gain exposure on our website and across a wide range of social media platforms. What's more, we can even promote your company at events and competitions!

Positive, community driven campaign

It's very important for companies to show they're taking an active role in the development of the community. By sponsoring us in the world's largest engineering competition, your company can do just that! 


Preparing the next generation

Projects such as these give young people a chance to gain experience in Project Management, Marketing, Engineering and Technology that can't be found anywhere else. These kinds of skills may create your best future employees!

Sponsorship catered to you

Whether you'd like to be totally involved, or a purely financial sponsor, we can tailor our sponsorship agreement suited to both of our needs.

Title Sponsor
CMC Partnership

Highest Involvement sponsor - This year held by CMC Partnership, the Title Sponsor recieves the greatest return on investment.

Gold Sponsor

Premium sponsorship, Premium Involvement. Our Gold sponsor receives a high level of promotion from Team Lunar.

Silver Sponsor

Silver sponsors receive greater return on investment than Bronze Sponsors in Advertisement and Publicity.

Bronze Sponsor

Bronze Sponsors are Lunar's partners that recieve promotion and publicity for their involvement.

GOLD - £750+

-Second priority placement of company logo on LUNAR uniforms, displays and the car
-Second priority promotion of company on all of our social media platforms/website
-Access to team progress reports and updates

SILVER - £250 - £750

-Third priority placement of company logo on LUNAR uniforms and displays
-Promotion of company on all social media sites / website
-Access to team progress reports and updates

BRONZE - up to £250

-Fourth priority placement of company logo on LUNAR displays
-Promotion of company on all social media sites / website
-Access to team progress reports and updates