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Our History
In 2012, six students from The Crypt Grammar School decided that as a "Super-curricular" activity alongside their A-levels, they would participate in the world's largest engineering competition: F1 in Schools. The first 2 teams of the project were called 'Symscape Quantum Racing', and from 2015, the team has been LUNAR Racing.


Team Lunar have been UK South West champions for 2 years running now, with Harry McLaren as leader in 2016, and Jude Hunt as leader in 2017. Of those years, we came 7th then 8th in the UK National Final - we've come a long way from our Rookie Team days! Over the years, we've collected a total of 15 trophies, ranging from Fastest car to Research and Development.

In the 2017 term, at the South West regional competition, Lunar Racing won 3 Awards: Regional Champions, Best Engineered Car and Research and Development. We then came 8th in the UK with a total of 693.6 points!

Our 2018 team is currently being lead by Nathan Browne, and this year we want to get further than we ever have before: World Finals!